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Satellite Based Classes

Satellite Platforms offers interactivity similar to a live classroom session, where a student sitting in any part of the country, at any given point in time, can interact freely with the professor, raise questions, queries, etc. making the interaction as spontaneous and natural as in a regular classroom. There is extensive use of two video, voice and data.

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Batch Starting Dates

Achiever’s Batch

27th Mar 2014

Regular Batch

Patel Nagar Centre

27th Mar / 4th April / 18th April / 27th April / 9th May / 23rd May 2014

 South Delhi

15th April / 22nd April

Test & Discussion

Patel Nagar Centre

23rd Mar / 29th Mar / 5th Apr / 12th Apr
27th Apr – Sun (M)

South Delhi

24th Mar / 31st Mar / 7th April - Mon (E)

7th April - Mon (E)

 Karol Bagh

13th Apr/ 20th Apr/ 27th Apr / 4th May
11th May - Sun (E)


Individual Books Sale:-

All Subjects PG Entrance Preparation Books available for sale. Visit at http:/ / or Further query Contact : 9212750482/0120-43322800120-4332280 / 9211710482 or Email ID:


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Qualified and Experienced Faculty

DBMCI has a team of well experienced and highly qualified faculty members:

Dr. Bhatia Dr. Bhatia
Dr. Saif Thameem Dr. Saif Thameem
Dr. Rajesh Kaushal Dr. Rajesh Kaushal
Dr. Sanjay Khatri Dr. Sanjay Khatri
Dr. Deepak Saxena Dr. Deepak Saxena
Dr. Devesh Dr. Devesh
Dr. Jainender Dr. Jainender
Dr. Sanjay Saxena Dr. Sanjay Saxena
Dr. Saurabh Dr. Saurabh
Dr. Atul Dr. Atul
Dr. Madhu Dr. Madhu
Dr. Vineet Dr. Vineet
Dr. B.N. Tiwari Dr. B.N. Tiwari
Dr. Vij Dr. Vij
Dr. Anupama Dr. Anupama
Dr. Ray Dr. Ray
Dr. Manish Dr. Manish
Dr. Sanjay Agarwal Dr. Sanjay Agarwal
Dr. Rajat Jain Dr. Rajat Jain
Dr. Shivika Dr. Shivika
Dr. Sandeep Govil Dr. Sandeep Govil
Dr. Sunil Mohan Dr. Sunil Mohan
Dr. Vinod Dr. Vinod
Dr. Manisha Dr. Manisha
Dr. Vasanth Dr. Vasanth
Dr. Ranjan Patel Dr. Ranjan Patel
Dr. Gurudutta Dr. Gurudutta
Dr. Soumen Dr. Soumen
Dr. Swati Dr. Swati
Dr. Amit Dr. Amit
Dr. Kabir Dr. Kabir
Dr. Ashish Dr. Ashish
Dr. Ankur Dr. Ankur
Dr. Deepak Dr. Deepak
Dr. Mayur Kulkarni Dr. Mayur Kulkarni


Medicine Essence

We are glad to present you with Next Edition of Medicine Essence. All the chapters of this Book are based on 18th edition of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine and other standard textbooks of medicine. The vast subject of Medicine is given in a very simple and concise manner which is easy to understand and retain. A crisp approach has been adopted to write this book i.e. Book contains the content what you really need to read for your exam.

Biochemistry Essence

Biochemistry Essence prepared by our esteemed faculty. This book contains latest MCQs of AIPG, AIIMS, DNB, PGI & State PG Exams along with the required explanations. All the references are from Harpers Illustrated Biochemistry 29th Edition and Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry, 4th Edition. Remember it's not just the questions that are repeated in exams but the "TOPICS" too, keeping that in mind other relevant content is also added to the explanations.