U.G Test Series

DBMCI announces U.G Test Series

The test that will make you future ready

DBMCI U.G Test Series is an online testing and assessment platform that provides a strategic preparation method to the students aspiring for the NEET. It gives the most in depth analysis for every test students take so that they can track their growth test by test. Evaluation of U.G online test series is so instant that students will know immediately how they are scoring and what areas they should improve as here they can identify the strong and weak areas. Every questions meticulously designed by our team of experts based on the latest exam patterns. It is actually very helpful to know where you stand in the competition and to set standards accordingly.

Subjects Included:

1st Year Subject


2nd Year Subject

  1. MICRO
  3. PATHO

3rd Year Subject

  1. EYE
  2. ENT
  3. PSM

4th Year Subject

  3. SKIN
  4. PEDS
  6. OBG
  7. RADIO
  8. PSY
  9. ORTHO
Fee Structure (Exclusive GST)

1st Year Subject Fee

3000 + GST 18% ( 540)
Total : 3540
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2nd Year Subject Fee

3000 + GST 18% ( 540)
Total : 3540
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3rd Year Subject Fee

3000 + GST 18% ( 540)
Total : 3540
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4th Year Subject Fee

4500 + GST 18% ( 810)
Total : 5310
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8000 + GST 18% ( 1440)
Total : 9440
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  • There will be subject wise test with questions ranging from 2500-5000 in numbers.
  • Questions divided among topics and sub topics. The count of questions will be 100 per topic content of a mix of clinical questions, image based questions, new questions and frequently repeated questions.
  • We will make sure 'every topic in each subject' will be covered, so that you can get in depth knowledge of each and every topic. It will help you in your regular course as well as in your preparation for NEET and Prof Exams.
  • We will design the examination paper with utmost precision & all we need from you is to find a place as per your choice and give the examination. The test will be available online and can be given from anywhere.
  • You can find the detailed explanation of every question, so that it can help you in making your fundamentals clear and gear up for your final exams as well as prof Exams & NEET.
  • Test will follow the pattern of NEET and results will be provided in the form of ALL India Rankings, by using Artificial Intelligence. This will help you in analysing your performance and understand your weak areas. This is just not a regular test, we are trying to mold you for NEET as well.

Key Features

1) We provide an appropriate mixture of previous years questions and new questions in the question paper to provide student a real examination hall like experience.

2) We provide student with option for both online and offline examinations. We have various offline Test Centres for more competitive environment & online test giving platform for more comfortable approach.

3) Fully explained solved answers key of all Questions will be give immediately after completion.

4) A student progress report will be maintained at the online platform for every student where a time series line graph will enable each student to measure his progress and such time series line graph for last years toppers will also be provided for comparison.

5) ArtificialIntelligence

DBMCI will be the only software that will now be able to map your entire test taking, learn from it and familiarize you:

  • Questions which you answered Incorrectly due to preventable mistakes - These will be different from the questions you answered incorrectly due to lack of knowledge. It will be able to tell you questions of which you had idea how to solve these questions but you answered them wrong.
  • Questions in which your decision were clouded - In this the software will tell you the questions in were confused even if you marked them correct.
  • Questions on which your unnecessary amount of time was used - Here the questions are listed in which you wasted your time or used more time than required.

    *All informative content, tests and study material has been developed and verified by experts.
    *Detailed performance analysis which helps you improve and score better in Medical PG attempt.
    *Get Topic-wise Tests, Section-wise and Mock Tests for your preparation

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