Joining Date
  • aimsNewLi1Selected candidates must join course on the prescribed date as indicated in their admission letter.
  • aimsNewLi1The selection of candidates who fail to join by the specified date shall automatically stand cancelled.
Late Joining
  • Under exceptional circumstances, a candidate may be allowed to join late, upto a maximum of one month, on the condition that he/she will make up the deficiency caused in his/her academic term due to late joining, by forfeiting his/her leave, during the first two years of his/her admission, to which he/she will be entitled on joining the Institute, by the same number of days.
  • For this the candidates will be required to intimate the unavailed leave to Registrar Office at the end of the first year and get the same adjusted by forfeiting the same amount of leave, before the end of the second year.
  • However, the candidates whose absence (apart from their absence on leave admissible to them during the period of their studies) does not exceed one month will be permitted to appear in the final MD/MS examination alongwith other eligible candidates joining the Institute during the same session.
  • This concession will not, however, be admissible to candidates for their unauthorized absence, if any, during the period of their studies.
  • The Junior Residents (MD/MS) will be on contract service for a period of three years and will be required to execute an agreement and undertaking on non-judicial stamp paper of minimum Rs. 5 value.
  • Any candidate who joins MD/MS course and leaves the course midway, will be penalized.


The MD/MS course has a duration of three academic years.


  • During this period, the Junior Residents are entitled to emoluments as prescribed by the Government of India.
  • At present, this translates to a pay scale of Rs. 15600 – 39100, and a grade pay of Rs. 5400. Non-practicing allowance is also paid as per rules.


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