Overall rank of all the candidates shall be decided based on these percentile scores, with a higher percentile score translating into a better rank.

Students Obtaining Equal Marks

If two or more candidates obtain equal percentile scores, then inter-se merit for selection shall be determined on the following basis:

  1. A candidate who has obtained higher aggregate marks in MBBS examination shall rank higher to a candidate who has obtained lower marks.
  2. If the aggregate marks obtained in MBBS examination are the same, then a candidate senior in age shall rank higher to a candidate who is junior in age.

An overall merit list based on the percentile obtained by all the candidates appearing in the examination in the theory examination (irrespective of their category) will be prepared.

Percentile Qualification for Different Categories

Candidates of various categories who secure percentile in the theory examination, as mentioned against each category, will qualify for admission:

  • Open (General) and Sponsored/Deputed : 55th percentile
  • OBC, OPH, SC/ST, Rural Area, Foreign Nationals : 50th percentile
  • Bhutanese Nationals : 45th percentile

Candidates from reserved categories are also eligible to compete for general category seats (open category).

Thus, in addition to category wise list, a combined General Category merit list of all the candidates will also be prepared.


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