The competitive entrance examination will be conducted at various centres in All over India

S.No. City Name S.No. City Name S.No. City Name
1. Ahmedabad 12. Greater Noida 23. Nagpur
2. Bangaluru 13. Gurgaon 24. Navi Mumbai
3. Bhopal 14. Guwahati 25. New Delhi
4. Bhubaneswar 15. Hyderabad 26. Noida
5. Chandigarh 16. Indore 27. Patna
6. Chennai 17. Jaipur 28. Pune
7. Cochin 18. Jammu 29. Raipur
8. Coimbatore 19. Jamshedpur 30. Ranchi
9. Dehradun 20. Kolkatta 31. Trivandrum
10. Faridabad 21. Lucknow 32. Varanasi
11. Ghaziabad 22. Mumbai 33. Vishakapatnam

The candidate shall appear at the centre as shown on his/her Admit Card at his/her own cost. Candidates have the option of choosing their examination centre, date and time through the online registration & scheduling system. Availability of test centre option is on a first come first served basis, and candidates will only be shown sessions that are available at the point of scheduling.

  1. Test Centre Location: Exact address and location of the test centres is available at the online registration and scheduling application at neetpg website. Location map of the test centers are also available at the website. Candidates are advised to familiarize themselves with the test centre locations and ensure that they report for the test as per scheduled time only. Maps and directions to each centre are available on NEET-PG website www.nbe.gov.in. Candidates are required to plan their travel accordingly.
  2. Candidates are advised to familiarize themselves with the location of examination centre and plan travel time accordingly. Candidates have to reach the test centres on or before the reporting time. Candidates may note that late entry to the examination premises is not permitted under any circumstances. NBE shall not be responsible for any delayed arrival of the candidate in reaching the centre due to any reason.
  3. All candidates at the centre shall be frisked by security guards and biometric information shall be captured.
  4. Identity checks will be made upon arrival at the test centre to ensure that there are no unauthorized candidates appearing for the exam. Candidates are required to cooperate with the security checks.
  5. Please note that only the registered candidates will be allowed at the examination centre.
  6. Friends or relatives accompanying the candidates will not be allowed entry in the examination centre under any circumstances and will not be allowed to contact the candidate while the examination process is ongoing.


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