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If you have an agile mind, a thirst for knowledge and perseverance that can last till the final buzzer sounds, then here’s your turn! CODE BLUE 2017 is coming up with a quiz which aims to shell out medical students with excellent brains and unbeatable intelligence. Only browsing through the books won’t be enough! You will need a good sense of practical approach and proper understanding of medical sciences to win.

DBMCI, brings you the ultimate chance for students from all over India.
So, get ready to dazzle.

How to register?

Registration can be done online at or you can register for the quiz by downloading DBMCI app through Google Play Store or app store IOS.

Quiz Types
  1. Undergraduate Quiz (for Ist year & IInd year students)
  2. Intern Based Quiz (for Pre-final/Final/Intern/Post Intern Students)

The quiz will be conducted in of 3 rounds.

Step 1 – Taking the quiz (Round One)
  • Download DBMCI App from Google Pay Store or IOS App Store.
  • First round of the Quiz is App Based test, where participant can appear for an Online Test from any part of the country.
  • Online test of the quiz will be conducted on 10th August 2017 from 5p.m to 6p.m
  • Top 02 ranked students will be selected of every college across India depending upon the registration, and will move to the next round.
  • Quiz result will be announced on DBMCI app on 17th August 2017.Notification will be sent to the participants for the same on the app itself.

For First round contestants

10 % discount will be given to every student who will appear for the 1st round.

Step 2 – (Round 2)

Coming Soon...


For Second rounds contestants

30% discount will be given to the top 2 rankers chosen for the second round.

Step 3 – (Final Round)

Coming Soon...


For Final Round’s Contestants

First Prize - 1 lakh rupees and 100% discount on any of the classroom course of DBMCI

Second Prize - 50 Thousand rupees and 50% discount on any of the classroom course of DBMCI)

Third Prize - 30 Thousand rupees and 50% discount on any of the classroom course of DBMCI

Fourth Prize - 50% of on any of the classroom course of DBMCI

Discount Terms & Conditions
  • All the CODE BLUE benefits are strictly entitled for fresh enrolments in 2018 classroom course only.
  • You can avail these discounts on any of the product of DBMCI, only after joining in any of the classroom course of DBMCI apart from the cash rewards for final round winners.
  • CODE BLUE discounts / benefits can’t be merged with any other discounts provided by DBMCI head office or branch.

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