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A Complete Book Of Microbiology

by Dr Bhatia Faculty

Language: English

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  • Book: Microbiology
  • Author: Dr Bhatia Faculty
  • ISBN: 978-93-84094-31-7
  • Binding: Paper Pack
  • Publisher: Dr Bhatia Publication
  • Language: English
  • page: 504

This is the best available book for Anaesthesia for any PG entrance exam because of following reasons

  • This book has been written by the subject specialist teacher (Unlike other books which have been written by a non subject - non teacher!!!).
  • It includes both theory and MCQs so this is complete in all the aspect for Microbiology.Hence it is named Microbiology Complete!!! So you dont need to read any theory or MCQs Book of Microbiology.
  • MCQs are from NEET, AIIMS, PGI & JIPMER Exams.
  • It incorporates over ten years of questions including 2016 exams from various PG entrance examination arranged in the form of review questions at the end of respective chapters.
  • Each question has been provided with an authentic answer with explanation and a reference from the latest edition of Microbiology by Anantnarayan & Parasitology by Chaterjee Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases Kuby Immunology Medical Parasitology by Arora.
  • All sub specialty of Microbiology have been covered separately with crisp concise and to the point answers.
  • There are no repetitions of questions; it means same question has not been discussed again and again.
  • So first you read the theory of each chapter then you attempt the questions. In this way you can finish your entire Microbiology in a short time & you will have plenty of time for revision.
  • Once you have done all the questions than you mark - which questions you have done wrong. In the next round of doing questions you should mainly focus on those questions which you did wrong on 1st time study.