AIIMS Result May, 2015

Dr. Zainab Vora - Ranked 1 in AIIMS May 2015

Dear colleagues Dr. Zainab is ACTUALLY our student. She attended our classes. But now every Tom Dick Harry and Jerry Institute is claiming that she is their students. So to avoid the coufusion and to tell the truth to all of u...we are displaying her original form , her signature in class attendence register and her class test performance !!! Now u are intelligent enough to decide she is which Institute student. Our competitors use all cheap tactic for marketing. But truth always prevails !!!

Dr. Zainab Vora

Attandance Register

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Dr. Vidya PL - Ranked 2 in AIIMS May 2015

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Dr. Kanagadurga - Ranked 4 in AIIMS May 2015

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